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Do you want to pay less for your energy bills and telecommunication services in Belgium?

Are you a representative of the NATO Staff, a 'SHAPIAN' or a NATO employee / personnel?
Are you an official of the European Communities, an employee or other servant of the European Institutions?
Are you living in Belgium?

If your answer to the previous questions is affirmative, I'm convinced I can help you.

Some time ago… when you arrived in Belgium, you took a subscription for energy and telecommunication services. 

I'm quite sure you currently pay too much for your energy bills (electricity / gas) and for your subscription (mobile or fixed phone / digital TV / internet). 

As Belgian, former SHAPIAN and Action Officer at EUMS, I'll help you to find the most appropriate, best and cheapest solution that will fit your habits and needs in Belgium. 

Don’t hesitate… Feel free to contact me!
I'll make a comparison with your actual provider and see if you can save a lot of money.
It's completely free and without obligation.

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